Pray for Chowchilla

Hebrews 13:3 Continue to remember those in prison as if you were in prison with them.


1/21 - 38 copies of The Gospel of Mark were shipped to individuals at Chowchilla and California Institute for Women in Chino, California AND 580 copies sent to Prison Fellowship!

11/20 - 42 copies of Behold! the Christmas issue were sent to individuals at Chowchilla and 2 other facilities. AND 500 copies to Prison Fellowship's Chaplain Resource library to be distributed by chaplains all over the country! 

9/20 - 42 copies of the Romans issue were sent to individual women at Chowchilla and 2 other facilities.

3/24/20 -  31 Magazines (Risen! Easter issue) were sent to individual women at Chowchilla!  More will be sent as their names are submitted!  THANK YOU for your prayers and financial support!!

They meet on the prison yard every chance they get.  They used to convene in the corner where there are a few benches, but they have grown in number, about 50 inmates and no longer fit in the corner.  So they moved to the center of the yard, laying blankets on the bare dirt where they can sit together.  They call their group, "The Church Without Walls."  They sing praise songs, share their testimonies, read the Bible and pray.

I began sending Contemplate the Bible Magazine to Lucky.  Then her bunkmate asked for a copy.  These two prisoners and sisters in Christ have been sharing Christ and began gifting Contemplate the Bible Magazine to other women, especially the newcomers and inviting them to The Church Without Walls.

I am amazed and in awe of the way that God is working in the lives of these women!  "I have never been so free in my life and I'm in prison! God is so good!" (Lucky)  


** UPDATE from Lucky:  In October 2020, Lucky was thrilled to be placed at a Firehouse to be trained as a firefighter/first responder.  She has studied hard to pass the written exams and all the physical training as well, and expressed a profound joy in doing something productive and giving back to society. She sent me several exciting stories about her first house fire and sadly, her first motor vehicle fatality.

In early January, just as she was beginning to work as a firefighter on the engine,  the first responders were scheduled to get Covid vaccines. Unfortunately,  one of them tested positive for Covid and everyone was moved out of the Firehouse and back into quarantine inside the prison. The virus spread quickly and over 300 cases were confirmed in the next couple of days and grew to at least 600 cases. Lucky contracted Covid, but has since recovered. She should be back in the firehouse, but I have not had word from her yet.

  We invite you to be a part of this ministry by praying specifically for the women in Chowchilla and all the prisoners that will receive Contemplate the Bible. And if you are able, consider making a donation to keep this minstry possible.  You can make a donation of any amount  by clicking "Magazines for Chowchilla" from our PRODUCTS page.

(Please Contact us with an email at if  you would like to make a tax deductible donation).

If you have a loved one in prison and would like him or her to receive Contemplate the Bible Magazine, send an email to:



  • For my family and husband's strength through this hardship ~KG
  • My daughter lost her partner.  May her suffering be an opportunity for God.  ~SE
  • Pray for peace within.  Pray for my judge,  and for the Holy Spirit to help me walk right and think as God would.  Continue inner freedom.  ~BP
  • Prayer for the County Court to resentence and release me.  For my daughter to be approved for visit. ~ML
  • Please pray for my son and his wife.  They are losing their youngest daughter to heart failure.  She is only 4 months old.  Thank you and God bless.  ~CH
  • Please pray for my appeal and for my kids.  Thank you God bless you ~BT
  • That my sister stays in rehab.  ~KJ
  • For more faith and strength with it.  ~HC
  • My mother, for her dementia.  Pray for her to be healthy.  ~SC
  • For the safe return of my son, who is in the srmy and is going overseas.  ~KB
  • I would like prayer for protection for my daughters family and self.  Also for God to continue to reveal his promises to me.  ~SL
  • Pray for my daughter for peace and happiness.  ~GN
  • Please pray for my family and I.  Please pray that I'll be released from prison and that God holds my tongue.  ~SJ
  • Please pray for my freedom.  I'm currently in the courts.  Please pray for favor to be granted release under SB1437.  Thank you.  ~CB
  • Please pray for my marriage and my family.  Pray for my nephew.  He is on drugs.  ~DJ
  • Pray for all 5 of my children that are adopted.  ~LL
  • Please pray for my mom and children's restoration and for my roommate and her family for the loss of her dad.  Please pray for peace and love for ALL.  ~AS
  • For my children and the people that donate time and come and teach, visit and encourage us and give us support spiritually.  ~YP
  • Pray for my grandma to remain healthy until I get home and for my daughter to stay strong because she is raising herself.  ~BB
  • Keep my family safe and let my children know I love them.  ~GM
  • Bless me and my family and protect them.  ~LM
  • Bless me and my family and protect them.  ~JM
  • For my family - to reunite with them soon.  ~J
  • Peace, love and joy for everyone who is struggling.  ~MN
  • Pray for my mother whose health is not so good and pray for all my family to be safe and that I will see them again.  Also for my cousin who passed and my codefendent who also passed as well as her family.  ~MG
  • Pray for my mother who is going through treatment for pancreatic cancer, and that her cancer goes in remission.  I would also like to pray for my huband and daughter that they stay safe and healthy.  ~ST
  • Just for my mom to stay healthy & strength & peace for each day.  ~VS
  • Please pray for my son, my mother, and family, that they are all happy, healthy, and safe.  Help them to stay strong, have hope & to keep moving forward.  ~JL
  • Pray for the world to have peace in their heart, food provided, lights and heating throughout this crisis the world is having.  Pray that a vaccine or cure is quickly provided for the Corona Virus.  Pray that the virus doesn't enter the jails or prisons.  Keep my family, friends and the world strong.  Thank you.  ~PR